Vision 20/20

Consolidating Strategy, Reporting and Oversight

Total Produce’s approach to sustainability has evolved rapidly in response to macro-environmental drivers. Where once diverse legislative requirements and perspectives to
core issues across different markets required local management and oversight, as an international consensus evolved, it has become apparent that issues of global concern necessitate a global response, requiring a Group-wide approach.

Pictured: Mr. Des McCoy, Managing Director, Total Produce Ireland and Mr. Conor Keown, Regional Facilities Manager.

An Important Step Forward


In 2019 we launched an ambitious project, Vision 20/20, dedicated to addressing one of the most emotive environmental issues of our time; Carbon consumption. “Vision 20/20” is a root and branch review of energy usage across our Group. It is dedicated to measuring and reducing Scope 1 and 2 carbon consumption throughout Total Produce internationally. A three part project, Phase One saw Total Produce calculate our Group Carbon Footprint metric for the first time, submitting our data for rating by the Carbon Disclosure Project. Phase Two is focused on the implementation of additional measures to significantly reduce our carbon consumption across the Group. Phase Three will see an extension of Vision 20/20’s scope to include water consumption and waste management.


  1. To put in place a formalised Sustainability reporting framework across the global Total Produce Group.
  2. Bring transparency to our consumption of natural resources.
  3. Measure; Provide tangible metrics as benchmarks for future progression.
  4. Manage; Identify opportunities to reduce consumption and implement changes accordingly.

In implementing Vision 20/20 we sought to:

Collate; Pull together case studies and metrics from across the Total Produce Group.

Calculate; Produce Group-wide metrics and targets.

Change; Reduce consumption of natural resources and environmental impact.

Communicate; Share our Sustainability story with key stakeholders.


Our first Vision 20/20 report covered Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions in 2018 across all Group companies in which Total Produce held a majority shareholding.

Going Forward

For 2019, water consumption and data on waste generation is being collected alongside carbon consumption data. The results from our first Vision 20/20 report have provided a basis for Sustainability planning across our Group throughout 2020 and beyond. A number of initiatives have already been put in place to address opportunities identified to reduce carbon consumption. Additional resources have also been put in place to build on the momentum generated by Vision 20/20, both locally and at Group level, including the appointment of our first Group Sustainability Officer. Vision 2025, the successor to Vision 20/20 is currently under development.