Our Values

Total Produce is proud of the diversity and cultural differences apparent throughout our global operations. There are, however, key core values and priorities that are shared across all of our businesses which define who we are and how we do business.

1. Different

We’re Local at Heart, Global by Nature. We Bring Local Expertise. We Deliver Global Strength. We Deliver The Best Of Both Worlds.

2. Collaborative

We Partner. We Listen. We Share. We Make Things Happen. We Get Things Done. We Grow Together.

3. Innovative

We’re Imaginative. We’re Flexible. We’re Resourceful. We Go The Extra Mile. We Always Find A Way.

4. Passionate

We Care. We Love What We Do. We Love What We Sell. We Embrace Challenges. We Relish Opportunities. We Seize The Moment.

5. Responsible

We’re Accountable; For Our Performance, Our Quality, Our Produce, Our Service. We Are Committed; To The Environment And To The Communities In Which We Grow And Operate.

6. Grounded

We’re Down To Earth. We’re Honourable. We’re Nothing Without Our Growers, Our Partners, Our People, Our Customers & Our Consumers.