About Us

Total Produce is today one of the world’s largest and most accomplished fresh produce producers and providers.

About Us

At A Glance

Marketing the most nutritious food with the lowest environmental impact.

2020 Review

Performance Summary & Key Achievements.

Group Overview

Group Operations

Our operations extend across 30 countries, while serving many more. For our customers our physical presence across the world differentiates Total Produce, positioning our operations at the very heart of the markets in which we trade and in the world’s primary production centres.

An Agent of Change

Total Produce is, by its very nature, and by virtue of the products we sell, the scale and reach of our business and our role in delivering the most efficient route to market, an agent of carbon reduction.

How We Do Business

Our Values

Total Produce is proud of the diversity and cultural differences apparent throughout our global operations. There are, however, key core values and priorities that are shared across all of our businesses which define who we are and how we do business.

Our Supply Chain

One of the defining characteristics of Total Produce as a Group is a reach that extends to the very heart of production and into the middle of the communities in which we grow, work and trade across the globe.

Our Business Model

Local at Heart, Global by Nature. Delivering the best of both worlds.

A Sustainable Industry

Double Pyramid

In Total Produce, we are privileged to operate in an industry that is synonymous with health and wellbeing – marketing produce, the production of which, research suggests, results in substantially less environmental impact than many comparable foodstuffs.

Carbon Footprint

Calculating and reducing energy consumption across the Total Produce Group and adopting renewable energy alternatives where available.

Water Footprint

Promoting the conservation of water across our global sites.

Ecological Footprint

Partnering growers in promoting soil management, biodiversity and the preservation of our natural environment.