In Total Produce, our understanding of the nature of our responsibilities to each of our stakeholders is unambiguous. In the first instance, as a customer orientated organisation, the delivery of premium quality, safe, traceable produce to the consumer and value to our partners in trade must always remain a priority for us. Meeting and exceeding customer expectations is what we do.

We recognise also, though the responsibilities inherent in the pursuit of this goal, most notably to the emerging and developing nations from which we source, and more specifically to our partners in production – the local and global growers who supply us. This responsibility extends beyond the growers and their people to the environment in which they operate.

Ultimately, we know, our commercial fortunes and our corporate responsibilities are inextricably interwoven and we recognise that integrating our sustainability strategy within our commercial planning and enshrining responsible principles and protocols into our everyday trading practices is essential to our future success. We know too that it is incumbent on us to communicate our strategy in a clear, honest and transparent way. We commit to doing this, secure in the conviction that a commercially responsible Total Produce will continue to be a commercially successful Total Produce and that the dividends of a progressive Total Produce are rewards that can be shared by all.