Promoting Local Overview

Total Produce’s origins can be traced backed to wholesaling locally grown apples grown in County Armagh, Ireland back in the 1850’s. Our affinity to local production and loyalty to local growers has never left us. Local at heart, global by nature, Total Produce remains committed to putting premium locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables at the very heart of our produce portfolio. While demand for local produce is unquestionably an important driver of consumption across a great many of the markets in which Total Produce operates, for us, prioritising local is about a whole lot more, most notably-

  • Contributing to the communities in which we operate.
  • Growing and procuring the freshest possible produce.
  • Meeting consumer expectations.
  • Reducing food miles; Closing the gap between the grower and the consumer.

Working hand in glove with the very best producers, for local growers across the world, Total Produce is a constructive and progressive partner, providing:

  • Agronomic support- Helping to ensure best horticultural and sustainable practices are in place at production.
  • Commercial Support; Providing finance, managing retail relationships, opening markets.
  • Logistical support; Consolidating supply and packing, processing and distributing produce.
  • Marketing Support; Developing packaging, branding and promotions for local produce.

Whether it’s tomatoes in Ireland, Mangoes in Brazil, Bananas in Spain or Peppers in Canada, today, right across the world Total Produce collaborates across the supply chain to ensure that, every day, in-season local produce enjoys pride of place in the marketplace.