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Responsible Production — Dale Foundation

As a primary grower of international renown, Dole, which joined the Total Produce family in 2018, operates at the very forefront of global production. Farming over 125,000 acres, Dole is committed to embracing the responsibilities and exceeding the expectations associated with industry leadership. Dale Foundation, the body charged with implementing Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability in Dole operations across Ecuador and Peru exemplifies Dole’s approach to production in developing nations; promoting fundamental values of Transparency, Human Development and “Attention To The User” – satisfying the expectations of internal and external stakeholders. Activities centre on Health Promotion, Education, Community and Investment.


Across Ecuador and Peru, the Dale Foundation oversees the provision of a wide array of specialised medical care to Dole workers and their families. Typically, the Dale Foundation health teams, consisting of general practitioners, specialists and nurses attend to more than 48,000 people each year. Services vary from general medical services to specialised care such as Dermatology, Odontology, Optometry and Cardiology. In addition, health and safety promotion programmes, occupational and pre- occupational medical programs and checks ups and preventative health lectures are provided to employees every year.


Improving the education conditions for children and young people in the communities in which Dole operates is a key priority for Dale Foundation. Dale operates two educational centres of its own in Vicente Piedrahita in Los Ríos and Ecuador País Amazónico in Guayas Province. Combined, these facilities cater for 800 students providing a quality education that includes the core state curriculum and learning about emerging technologies, sports and cultural activities. Dental services and health promotion programmes are also provided in the schools.

Community Development

Dale Foundation is committed to improving the living conditions and social development in the local communities and towns associated with its production. The Foundation provides preventative health lectures, nutrition lectures, workshops on gender equality, computer lectures and funding for infrastructure reconstruction projects. In addition, the Foundation actively supports the formation and training of community committees; groups of local people dedicated to contributing to improving local amenities and services and committed to community development in general.


The Dale Foundation allocates some $2.3million to social causes. In investing in the people behind their produce, Dole is recognising workers for their contribution to their success and seeking to contribute in a meaningful way to the communities in which they grow.