Ethical & Social

Ethical & Social Policy

Local at heart, global by nature, Total Produce operations are embedded in communities right across the globe.


Total Produce as a Group is a reach that extends to the very heart of production and into the middle of the communities in which we grow, work and trade across the globe.

Promoting Produce

Promoting Produce

Responsible Marketing Policy In Total Produce, we recognise that marketing fresh fruits & vegetables is both a great privilege and...

Promoting Produce Overview

We recognise that marketing fresh fruits & vegetables is both a great privilege and an immense responsibility.

Promoting Produce Case Study

Promoting Good Health & Well-Being: Total Produce Nordic Pioneers Consumer Insight Project Into Fresh Produce Consumption In Sweden.

Promoting Local

Promoting Local Policy

Local at Heart, Global By Nature, in Total Produce we recognise the importance of local fresh produce.

Promoting Local Overview

In Total Produce, we are uniquely positioned to be able to offer our customers and consumers alike the best of both worlds: the finest fresh produce from passionate local growers and the most accomplished producers from across the globe.

Promoting Local Videos

View stories from our local growers.


Production Overview

We are committed to trading responsibly with our growers and suppliers; working hand in glove to create value and sharing the fruits of our labour, as well as contributing to the communities in which we source and grow.

Production Case Study

We are committed to embracing the responsibilities and exceeding the expectations associated with industry leadership.


Marketplace Overview

We are contributing to the communities in which we trade; being a good neighbour, respecting local cultures, traditions and laws, playing an active part in wider society.

Marketplace Case Study

Explaining Horticulture, Promoting Local, Having Fun With Fruit - The Incredible Edibles Project.

Our People

Our People Overview

Our on-the-ground presence, in the world’s key growing regions and in the marketplace, sets us apart.

Our People Case Study

Total Produce Nordic Opens “GROW” Employee Hub Helsingborg, Sweden.