Environmental Policy

Total Produce – Environmental Policy

In Total Produce, we recognise our role as custodians of the environment in which we operate and our responsibility to measure, manage and minimise our consumption of precious natural resources and our impact on the wider ecosystem. In meeting this challenge we prioritise the conservation of our land, our air and our seas, the adoption of stringent environmental protocols throughout our organisation and the integration of best sustainable practices into our business model and across every facet of our operations.

We are committed to:

  • Complying at all times with relevant national and international legislation and engaging with partners across the supply chain to reduce ever further the environmental footprint of our business and our produce.
  • Calculating and reducing energy consumption across Total Produce and adopting renewable energy alternatives where available.
  • Operating a “Local Produce First” policy dedicated to minimising the food miles associated with our goods.
  • Responsibly measuring and managing waste throughout our operations; prioritising reuse and recycling of commercial waste and minimising food waste; redirecting to human consumption where possible.
  • Conserving water resources; calculating and reducing consumption and supporting water stewardship and management programmes at production.
  • Managing packaging responsibly; removing, reducing, recycling and replacing plastic where practical and, alongside fellow stakeholders, working towards delivering a circular plastics economy.
  • Partnering growers in promoting soil management, biodiversity and the preservation of our natural environment.
  • Engaging our people globally on the importance of environmental issues, our capacity to make a difference and the practical means to achieve this.
  • Promoting the environmental credentials of fresh produce and educating, inspiring and empowering consumers to make environmentally responsible choices.