How We Do Business

Our Strategic Approach

At a time when the imperative to address issues from ethical production to climate change, from the conservation of our seas, to the responsible consumption of our natural resources, has never been more apparent, in Total Produce, we’re working to bring the collective strengths of our Group to bear to bring about real, tangible and demonstrable change.

Our approach has involved communicating shared sustainability principles and values right across our international organisation and embedding these principles into our everyday trading practices, both locally and at Group level. It has entailed putting in place new, robust Group-wide reporting structures extending from our global operating companies to our Group Board of Directors — placing sustainability
at the very heart of our operations and strategic decision making.

In doing so, we have opened a Group-wide dialogue across Total Produce; promoting and facilitating the exchange of best practices and the pursuit of a shared vision. It has required setting Group-wide targets; measuring and managing core issues collectively and collaboration right across the supply chain. Global problems, we know require global solutions.

Most importantly, though, it has required decisive action;
be it the adoption of renewable energy or the application of environmentally friendly packaging,
as we strive, as a Group, to make a real difference.

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