In Total Produce, we take a holistic approach to monitoring and managing our impact on the environment. Sustainability oversight and planning embraces in-house operations and those of third parties, our footprint across marketplace operations and at production and, most specifically our use of energy, water, waste and land.

In meeting this challenge we engage with our people globally on the importance of environmental issues, our capacity to make a difference and the practical means to achieve this. We prioritise the conservation of our land, our air and our seas, the adoption of stringent environmental protocols throughout our organisation and the integration of best sustainable practices into our business model and across every facet of our operations.

Complying at all times with relevant national and international legislation, we engage with partners across the supply chain to reduce ever further the environmental footprint of our business and our produce. Our priority, first and foremost, is always to find innovative ways to reduce consumption of natural resources. Where this is not possible, we actively pursue sustainable alternatives, investing in our business and our infrastructure, to make sure we are doing all we can to minimise the impact of our operations. The environment is after all, our “shop floor”.

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For a company such as ours, so dependant on the fruits of the world’s most fertile growing regions, environmental conservation and sustainable production constitutes not only a compelling moral responsibility but also an absolute commercial imperative.