Ethical & Social Impact

One of the defining characteristics of Total Produce is a reach that extends to the very heart of production and into the middle of the communities in which we grow, work and trade across the globe. 

Our on-the-ground presence, in the world’s key growing regions and in the marketplace, sets us apart. With international reach comes immense responsibility. Circumstances and conditions in communities can differ, so too can our role; employer, customer, partner, supplier, promoter, neighbour. 

Irrespective of the function we play locally, our commitment remains consistent; to act with integrity, to be transparent, to be a positive, constructive influence on people’s everyday lives. To that end, we strive to conduct our business in the right way; prioritising food safety first and foremost. Collaborating with our partners across the supply chain to share equitable returns and treating our colleagues, customers, growers and suppliers with respect. 


In The

  • Contributing to the communities in which we trade; being a good neighbour, respecting local cultures, traditions and laws, playing an active part in wider society. 
  • Promoting general health & well-being; Educating, inspiring and empowering consumers to make healthier dietary and lifestyle choices. 


Our People 

  • Being a responsible employer at production and in the marketplace; championing Human Rights and Worker Welfare right across the fresh produce supply chain. Implementing human rights practices, policies and protocols in adherence to best international principles and standards. 
  • Providing a safe workplace and a constructive professional environment; engaging colleagues, nurturing talent, rewarding commitment, promoting equality and diversity and empowering our colleagues across the world to be all that they can be. 


At Production 

  • Trading responsibly with our growers and suppliers; working hand in glove to create value and sharing the fruits of our labour. 
  • Contributing to the communities in which we source and grow; conserving local natural resources, protecting the environment, investing in people, facilities and communities.