Economic Policy

Total Produce integrates sustainable practices into Food Safety, Responsible Trading Practices and Governance within our operations.


In Total Produce, our understanding of the nature of our responsibilities to each of our stakeholders is unambiguous.

Food Safety

Food Safety Overview

At Total Produce, Food Safety is of the upmost importance. We understand our responsibility, as one of the worlds biggest...

Food Safety Case Study

Risk Assessment  Given the inherent nutritional properties of fresh produce itself, the risk associated with the category is relatively low...

Responsible Trading

Responsible Trading Overview

At Total Produce, our growers and suppliers are at the heart of everything we do. Our constant pursuit of synergies...

Responsible Trading Case Study

Ethical & Social Networking & Auditing

Empowering Consumers

Empowering Consumers Overview

Total Produce recognises that amongst consumers, there is increasing demand for organically grown fresh fruits and vegetables. Therefore, we work...

Empowering Consumers Case Study

Empowering Consumers; Promoting Organic & Fairtrade Availability In Total Produce we are committed to providing conventionally grown fresh produce in...