An Agent of Change

Carbon Reduction

Total Produce is, by its very nature, and by virtue of the products we sell, the scale and reach of our business and our role in delivering the most efficient route to market, an agent of carbon reduction.


Globally, the end product of our efforts to pursue synergies is most typically logistical and operational consolidation. The single, large, carbon efficient consignments on our ships, lorries and vans offer a compelling contrast to the multiple smaller, carbon intensive individual journeys associated with a fragmented supply base.

Locally, in implementing our ‘Local Produce First’ policy, we work to facilitate and assist local growers, manage seasonality, and importantly, promote locally sourced fresh fruit and vegetables to consumers. In doing so we, together with our retail partners, play a hugely important role in reducing the food miles associated with the fresh produce.

Our products are inherently environmentally friendly. Fruit and vegetable production is associated with a much smaller environmental footprint than other comparable foodstuffs;
a fact reflected in a widening consensus amongst environmentalists that meaningfully addressing climate change will inevitably require a move on the part of consumers towards plant-based diets.

Vision 20/20

Measuring our footprint

In February 2019 Total Produce launched our ambitious ‘Vision 20/20’ initiative;
a Group-wide review of the Greenhouse Gas emissions associated with our operations internationally.
Our objective was to provide increased transparency to our stakeholders with respect to the environmental impact of our operations and establish a definitive benchmark with which we can measure the effectiveness of our efforts to minimise our carbon footprint going forward. Phase One; a root and branch review and profiling of our Group’s collective carbon consumption concluded in July 2019, culminating with a submission to the Carbon Disclosure Project for rating.

Reducing our footprint

The completion of the measurement stage of Vision 20/20 provided a platform for our ongoing journey. Building on work already underway throughout our operations internationally, the next stage focuses on the identification of opportunities to reduce our environmental footprint and the implementation of the changes required to make it happen. This process has already begun. Vision 20/20 is another step in the right direction towards becoming an ever more sustainable business.