Empowering Consumers Overview

Total Produce recognises that amongst consumers, there is increasing demand for organically grown fresh fruits and vegetables. Therefore, we work hard across our operations to empower consumers to make their own choices, including the widest possible range of organic certified produce within our portfolio.

A Sustainability-Friendly Business Model 

Global Consolidator; The end product of our efforts to pursue synergies is most typically logistical and operational efficiencies. Across production, throughout our logistics infrastructure and in the marketplace, we work with large consolidated volumes. The single, large, carbon efficient consignments on our ships, lorries and vans offer a compelling contrast to the multiple smaller, carbon intensive individual journeys associated with a fragmented supply base. 

Local Partnership; In implementing our “Local Produce First” policy, we work to facilitate and assist local growers, manage seasonality, and importantly, promote locally sourced fresh fruits & vegetables to consumers. In doing so we, together with our retail partners, play a hugely important role in reducing the food miles associated with the fresh produce made available in the marketplace. 

Integrating Sustainable Practices Into Our Operations 

Empowering Consumers

  • Empowering consumers; working to provide organics, fairtrade and sustainably packed produce options to fresh produce consumers across the globe.