Promoting Produce

Responsible Marketing Policy

In Total Produce, we recognise that marketing fresh fruits & vegetables is both a great privilege and an immense responsibility.  We understand too, that the trust attached to fresh produce by the consumer is ever contingent on a confidence in the integrity of those from whom it is sourced.  In marketing our produce, we adhere at all times to the highest ethical standards, local and global legislation and industry codes of conduct.  Specifically,  we commit to-

  • Being clear and transparent in communicating with each of our stakeholders. 
  • Adhering to best practices in the development and bringing to market of new products; prioritising food safety and responsible production practices above all else.
  • Promoting our produce responsibly. Prioritising local produce, prohibiting the unnecessary accumulation of food miles and damaging artificial extension of seasons and rejecting promotional point of sale practices likely to result in food waste.
  • Removing, reducing, reusing and replacing unnecessary and non-sustainable packaging.
  • Working to make fresh produce available to all; managing our product portfolio to offer the widest possible range of produce at prices affordable to all, driving consumption and promoting good health and well-being.
  • Communicating to our employees their responsibilities when promoting our company and our goods and services; in person, through traditional media or via digital channels and social media.
  • Managing personal data accumulated in the course of promotional activities in strict accordance with relevant local and global legislation.
  • Adhering to best practices and all relevant legislation when advertising and promoting our brands and fresh produce in general to children above the line, below the line and digitally.
  • Educating, empowering and inspiring consumers worldwide to incorporate ever more healthy fresh produce into their diet.