A Sustainable Industry

A Sustainable Industry

Marketing The Most Nutritious Food With The Lowest Environmental Impact

Each year, across the Total Produce Group, we sell approximately 100 billion portions of fresh fruit and vegetables. We are, of course, extraordinarily proud to sell products, the health affirming attributes of which, have been so firmly and definitively established. What has become increasingly apparent over recent years, however, is the environmental and sustainable credentials of our products and our sector as a whole.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are associated with amongst the lowest environmental footprints of all the primary food categories, consuming considerably less energy, water and ecological resources throughout their lifecycle than nearly all comparable staple foodstuffs

The low carbon consumption associated with produce in particular, has garnered notable attention of late, with the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change having identified consumers switching to more plant based diets as having a hugely important contribution to make in the fight against climate change.

For our industry, the challenge is clear. We must harness the inherent potential of fresh produce, educate, empower and inspire consumers to make healthier choices and in doing so make a positive contribution to a healthier, more responsible world.

Sustainable Industry 100 Billion Portions