The E-Plan

A Collective Framework for Best Practices In Sustainability

A legacy of the fragmented approaches to technical and environmental issues across various markets, traditionally sustainability management was localised across  Total Produce. As the international consensus on sustainability issues grew and cross-stakeholder impetus increased, the Total Produce E-Plan was developed to facilitate a company-wide approach to Sustainability.

E-Plan Objectives

The E-plan sits within our broader Sustainability strategy and is the practical tool in place used to integrate our approach to those of our customers at a commercial and operational level. It has been designed and structured specifically to ensure our approach to sustainability aligns with that of our global customer base.

It addresses a recognised need to coordinate sustainability-related activities across the company; putting in place and sharing best practices and defining our values, principles and objectives. In creating a company-wide framework and overarching principles to complement local sustainability and technical plans, the E-Plan brings a unity of purpose to our approach and acts as a conduit through which our previously localised processes and practices can be harmonised. In doing so, it has succeeded in bringing increased transparency to our operations both locally and globally.

The Evolution Of The E-Plan

The E-Plan was initially launched across our Swedish and Danish businesses by Total Produce Nordic. This year will see our Nordic business publish their third sustainability report and the annual review of the E-Plan has highlighted 19 sustainability work areas that are at different stages of their development. It was subsequently extended to the United Kingdom and then Ireland with further integration with the Sustainability programmes in place across our Dutch businesses planned. Complementary to our Vision 20/20 initiative, the E-Plan has provided a solid platform upon which we have engaged our stakeholders, refined our processes, and build our wider sustainability strategy and will continue to grow and evolve in response to changes across our business and the wider fresh produce industry.