Our Supply Chain

One of the defining characteristics of Total Produce as a company is a reach that extends to the very heart of production and into the middle of the communities in which we grow, work and trade across the globe.

Our Supply Chain

1. New Product Development

Investing in innovation embracing change. Pursuing the different.

2. Procurement

The most accomplished growers. The very best farms. The closest of partnerships.

3. Agronomic Support

Best agricultural practices. Exacting standards. On the ground resources. Superior produce.

4. Importation and Quality Assurance

Simplifying supply. Meeting demand. Exceeding expectations.

5. Storage, Order Assembly, Quality Control

Embracing technology, Extracting costs, Delivering efficiencies, Generating value.

6. Distribution

The reach to deliver. The flexibility to customise. The synergies to compete.

7. Sustainability

Ethical trading. Environmental awareness. Sustainable production. Safe produce.

8. Marketing

Listening, Innovating, Delivering a competitive advantage.